Animation, Interactive, Film & Sound

Find out about the latest research and projects, conducted by UAL researchers, involving animation, interactive, film and sound.

CRiSAP is a UAL research centre associated with animation, interactive, film and sound.

You can browse UAL Research Online, the University’s Institutional Repository, for an online showcase of all research produced at University of the Arts London.

  • Fifty Years of British Music Video, 1964-2014: Assessing innovation, industry, influence and impact

    This two-year study drew together leading academics in popular music, film and television studies and cultural studies to analyse the significance of music video collections both for an international audience of academics and for the general public.

  • Listening across disciplines

    Read more about the project that is developing information about listening as a methodology of investigation and communication funded by the AHRC.

  • Bouncing off the Walls

    Read more about exploration into architectural acoustics and the sculptural potential of sound and redundant technology, an AHRC funded project.

  • Playing with Words

    Read more about the artistic practices (sound art) with spoken word project, funded by the AHRC.

  • Performing and Visual Arts

    A feature length film based on research into ideas around internet dating and its relationship to artificial intelligence. A Leverhulme Trust funded project - the Philip Leverhulme Prize.

  • The Positive Soundscapes Project

    Find out more about the EPRSC funded project Re-evaluation of Environmental Sound.

  • Sound Body

    Learn more about the Sound body: the impact of digital technology on contemporary music/sonic arts, funded by AHRC.

  • Transplant

    A long-term collaborative project with photographer Tim Wainwright exploring territory on the borders of art and anthropology, extending the sensory turn in ethnography in the direction of sound and investigating new relationships between sound and still image, funded by the Arts Council England.