LCF is Global

We offer international students a range of study abroad programmes and courses, each with different learning structures to accommodate a range of study needs and helping them to progress onto BA or MA courses. At LCF we are committed to our students, wherever you come from. We highly value our place within international cultural environments, and believe that knowledge and scholarship are borderless.

Our partnerships and consultancy projects address fashion education and industries across the world. The LCF objective is to enhance skills for employability, design, product development and technology. Covering all areas in fashion, footwear, textile design, innovation, entrepreneurship, management and brand leadership. Our methodology is generally a triangulated relationship with an educational partner, a governmental body, trade organisation or brand. The work we do aims to continually develop new or existing fashion economies wherever there is a need.

What we offer

  • Courses and exchanges

    We offer courses specifically for international students, to help them progress onto undergraduate or postgraduate study at LCF. We also run erasmus exchanges, open to all students and staff.

  • Consultancy and partnerships

    Our education consultancy brings together key partners with vested interest on the development of fashion education and international textile and fashion industries.

IFFTI - Professor Frances Corner OBE, Head of London College of Fashion

London College of Fashion has a long and storied relationship with the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institute (IFFTI). Professor Frances Corner is currently the Chair of IFFTI presiding over international committees alongside a plethora of LCF actively involved staff.

IFFTI, formed in 1999 in New Delhi, India, has grown into the most comprehensive and prestigious international organisation representing leading fashion higher education institutions in areas of design, technology and business. The foundation presently comprises 45 members from 22 countries.

A conference of leading international institutions, working in education in fashion related subjects, was held in New Delhi in 1998, in order to establish an International Apex Body to meaningfully help each other in upgrading their programmes, building on the structures and operations of the industry in their countries, and above all, contributing towards the establishment of a framework of co-operation and collaboration vitally needed in the wake of liberalisation and integration of global trade in Textiles and Clothings under the auspices of WTO.

The invitees to the conference unanimously supported the concept of establishing IFFTI.

IFFTI Member Institutions participate in International Annual Conferences and collaborate with each other in bilateral agreements and many professional development activities. IFFTI has set the standard for fashion education throughout the world. IFFTI Members foster close relationship with the fashion related industries.

“As chair of IFFTI, I have been attending their conferences and meetings for a number of years. With 54 members there are great opportunities for networking with other fashion design technology institutes from around the world. It allows us to share teaching and learning experiences and gain greater understanding of how the fashion industry and fashion education works across the world.

IFFTI has helped LCF to develop a range of international collaborations including student exchanges, course development and research projects. IFFTI is a dynamic organisation which continues to grow and thrive as its membership from around the world expands - it is of real value to fashion educators.”

Frances Corner