CSM Public

Artists and designers have a unique role to play in creating and transforming objects, systems and lives for the better. Through CSM Public, we collaborate with a variety of academic, corporate, non-profit, citizen-led and government organisations to actively engage with societal issues and co-design more optimistic futures for all.

CSM Public turns the studio ethos ‘inside-out’, extending our creativity beyond the walls of the College to bring partners an inspiring and supportive context in which to experiment and innovate.

Phone Monica Hundal on 7514 8716 or email: public@csm.arts.ac.uk to discuss how we can work with you to make change happen.

  • Provocation

    Challenging the status quo, questioning perceptions and moving minds

  • People

    Working with communities to find their own solutions and (re)define civic life

  • Place

    Rethinking the meaning and use of spaces and places

  • Planet

    Locating a balance between people, planet and profit

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